Anti globalistische video's van - Daryl Bradford Smith

Extreem rechtse videos
Speelfilms zoals american history x, documentaires zoals Soldiers of a racewar en videos van demonstraties en betogingen van extreem-rechts.

Anti globalistische video's van - Daryl Bradford Smith

Postby Führer » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:32 am

Daryl Bradford Smith

Daryl Bradford Smith (born c. 1955) is an American alternative media personality, known for his radio show The French Connection and the website I am the Witness, created in 2005. It is anti-Zionist, describing itself as dedicated to Zionism Research and Fighting Criminal Zionism. Promoted are the works of Jewish dissidents such as Benjamin Freedman and the Khazar theory. Smith has roots in New England but currently lives in France; hence the name of his radio show.

Smith's radio show The French Connection first featured on the Republic Broadcasting Network in January 2005 and after a few months moved to the Genesis Communications Network associated with Alex Jones. Smith had a show on the network for some time and set up his own website in June 2005. Many of Smith's shows talked about Zionism, paedophilia within the establishment and political blackmail; as a result, as of 6 February 2006, he show was dropped from GCN for causing "too many problems."
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