Brian Kozel - Vermoord vanwege zjin politieke voorkeur.

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Brian Kozel - Vermoord vanwege zjin politieke voorkeur.

Postby Führer » Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:13 pm

Brian Kozel, 18, a White Racial Loyalist / Creator / White Beret was killed by a gang of non-white mexicans on September 15, 17 AC (1990), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to the newspaper reports and letters from the Creator activists in Milwaukee, Brian and several other White Berets were distributing fliers while walking to a friend's house in Milwaukee when a carload of mexicans drove up to them shouting anti-White obscenities. The mexixcans exited their car and started a fight. Brian and his friends bravely fought them off until the mexican cowards ran back to their car. Thinking the fight was over, Brian and other White Berets turned and continued walking down the street with the pride of victory. However, the mexicans, having no honor to accept the obvious defeat, perfidiously pulled their guns and started shooting at the backs of the victorious Whites. Brian was shot in the back, through the heart, and died almost instantly. The murder of the young pro-White activist was a tremendous loss and a painful tragedy which naturally calls for vengeance. However, the best way to avenge Brian Kozel's death is to make sure that the entire anti-White JOG System, which allows non-whites to come into this country and terrorize Whites, is totally, completely and irrevocably destroyed through a Racial Holy War under the victorious flag of the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion - Creativity. Aut Vincere Aut Mori! Hail Brian Kozel! RAHOWA!

"The Good Fight" by Bound For Glory

Martyred Hero Brian Kozel RAHOWA!
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