Jeff Hughes, 48 Gexecuteert door canadese politie

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Jeff Hughes, 48 Gexecuteert door canadese politie

Postby Führer » Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:31 am

Neo-Nazi group says Nanaimo man shot by cops was their leader in CanadaImage
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Stormfront - Neo-Nazi leader in Nanaimo.
By Salim Jiwa

VANCOUVER – A Neo-Nazi group is claiming a man shot dead in Nanaimo was their comrade and that his death was an execution by police.

Jeff Hughes, 48, was shot by RCMP while they were investigating a noise complaint at an apartment complex at 531 Selby Street in Nanaimo on Friday.

Police said Hughes had acted aggressively against a group of police officers and when he emerged from his unit there was a confrontation.

A man claiming to be long-time Aryan Nations supremacist posted a Facebook entry and sent a 3 minute audio message to Vancouverite claiming the man shot dead was a leader of the Northwest Imperative – a white racist and separatist group that denies the holocaust ever happened.

The Facebook posting was made on a page called the Northwest Imperative. It carries a logo with the inscription: “The Northwest Front – Our Race is our Nation.”

A posting on that page by ‘Harold Covington’ said:

“I deeply regret to report that at approximately 6 A.M on October 23rd, 2009, Comrade Jeff Hughes, the owner and author of this page, was murdered, gunned down outside his home by the RCMP.

Thomas Paine once wrote that the tree of liberty must be water……red with the blood of patriots. Our Northwest nation now has another martyr to stand alongside Robert Mathews, Sam and Vicky Weaver, and Pastor Richard Butler.

“Und Ihr habt doch Gesiegt, Kamerad.”

In an audio message sent to Vancouverite, a man identifying himself as Covington said Hughes was executed by police.

“Yesterday morning, Comrade Jeff Hughes was murdered, he was shot down in front of his home on Vancouver Island,” said the audio message. “10 bullets were fired at his body. This was an execution.”

“The Zionist establishment in Canada found Jeff Hughes to be inconvenient,” said the audio message. “Jeff opposed his country’s infamous human rights tribunals.”

“He was the head of our sister party, the Northwest Front Canada and he ran a website encouraging white Canadians to migrate and to make their home in the two western province of British Columbia and Alberta,” said the message.

The man went on to say that those who “murdered Jeff” sent the supremacists the message that “white people in North America will never have their own country.”

RCMP spokesman Sgt. Peter Thiessen said the man’s death was “no execution and when all the fact are made public it will become apparent what happened.” ... in-canada/
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