Jason Gentile, 22 - Doodgeschoten door mexicanen

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Jason Gentile, 22 - Doodgeschoten door mexicanen

Postby Führer » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:24 pm

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Jason Gentile
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A Skinhead has been gunned down by Mexicans as he strolled along a
California street. Jason Gentile, 22, was unarmed, as five Mexicans
accosted and shot him. According to witnesses, the Mexicans continued
to shoot him, after he was on the ground, reminiscent of the murder of
fellow-Skinhead and anti-immigration-activist Chad Huber. Gentile had
posted his photo on-line with the inscription, "I thank God I am
white." A native of Anaheim, Gentile had moved to Monrovia, which had
been inundated with illegal-aliens. Police identified the shooters as
members of the "Nuevo Varrio" gang.

Gentile leaves behind a three-year-old illegitimate-child named Jason,
which he conceived with a former-concubine named Ana. A subsequent
concubine, who was accompanying him at the time of the shooting, was
shot in the foot but recovered. Gentile had been in prison three
times, having pleaded guilty to drug-possession, being under the
influence of drugs, felony hit-and-run, fleeing from police and
possession of burglar tools. A friend, Angie Licata, remembered him as
"a caring friend," with a "goofy sense-of-humor." The Skinhead
website memorialized Gentile among their "Skinhead Martyrs."

Andrew Powers praised Gentile for being a "pro-active fighter" and
stated that "threats to the safety and honor of the American people
cannot be tolerated." According to Powers, "There is a difference
between looking for trouble and defending against trouble. We must
defend ourselves." However, "Skinheads must come across as legal and
upright patriots." Powers added that "there must be no more criminal
conduct or bad public-images. Skinheads should disappear from prison-
yards and, instead, be all over the news-media as a strong, legal
force of freedom-fighters to be reckoned with."

According to the "Orange County Weekly," Gentile was targeted because
he had appeared in public with activists passing out anti-illegal-
alien literature and vying to start a "white" political party.
Spokesman Daniel Johnson said that the group would "monitor the
situation" in order to attract "outstanding citizens and family men."
Gentile's friends, posting anonymously, said that they would defend
themselves and retaliate in the "war" and that Gentile had been killed
"solely because he was white and a Skinhead." Gentile had no qualms
about self-defense. He had written that "I love life and like to

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The Hilarious Haters
Orange County Skinhead Murdered in Monrovia--Why?By Gustavo Arellano, Tuesday, Dec. 22 2009 @ 12:36PMComments (31) Categories: Crime & Sex

Anyone care to tell us what the N and S tattoos on Gentile stand for?

Last week was a tough one for Orange County's tight-knit, methed-up skinhead community. On Friday, of course, three members of the Candy-Ass Gang pleaded guilty to attempted murder with hate crime enhancements. Last Tuesday, 22-year-old Jason Samuel Gentile of Anaheim met his maker in Monrovia, at the hands of shooters that local police say are gang members. The initial reports didn't identify Gentile as a white supremacist, but a Pasadena Star-News follow-up found Gentile's MySpace page chockablock with neo-Nazi rhetoric and images.

Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives told reporters they suspect that Gentile's killers (his girlfriend was also shot but survived) murdered the guy because of gang affiliation--they belonged to a Latino gang, while Gentile belonged to another detectives refuse to identify at this point. But try telling that to local skinheads, who insist Gentile was murdered solely for being white.

"I heard the gun shots myself," claimed one poster on the white-power circle jerk called Stormfront. He identified himself as a member of Freedom14, the local pendejos who are trying to make neo-Nazism respectable. "[Gentile] was targeted by 5 armed mexican gang [sic] memers. because he was explicitly white." The poster added Gentile was an "activist" and "wasn't a gang member, he was a racial realist" before asking for donations to help pay for Gentile's cremation.

"There WILL be retaliation, eye for an eye, I can assure you," an anonymous commentator posted on my Candy-Ass gang cover story. "The war is starting."

Gentile's murder happened in an area that has just been put under gang injunction for racially motivated shootings--though not against white people, but Latinos and African-American gangsters targeting each other.

And before the haters begin: if it turns out that Gentile was murdered for being white and white alone, then this wab believes hate crime enhancements should be added against his killers. But if it's a gang thing, then it's a gang thing. Let's see how this develops...

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