Artur Ryno

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Artur Ryno

Postby Führer » Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:30 am

Religious Teenage Moscow Skinhead: "I Knife Killed 37 Caucasians To Clean Up The City


Thanks to Dogman for his original report

A young Russian skinhead pleaded guilty to killing 37 people. Artur Ryno, 18, was arrested in April together with his friend Pavel Skachevski, 18, for killing an Armenian. Afterwards, the teenager told the police that he and his friend had brutally killed dozens of innocent people.

When Artur Ryno, a student at Moscow icon painting school, told the police the details of his executions and cleanups they did not believe him at first. They thought that he was slandering himself. However, the investigation confirmed some of his testimony. If the police find the evidence of other crimes the case may develop into an international scandal, because it will be possible to interpret it as massive murder of individuals representing national minorities in Russia, Vremya Novostei reports.

Ryno and Skachevski were arrested on April 17 after the killing of Karen Abramian, a businessman from Armenia. The criminals tried to flee from the scene; but witnesses saw them boarding a tram. The witness reported the tram’s number to the police who then chased the tram and detained the two young men. Police officers said that the criminals’ clothes were covered with blood stains.

Investigators say that Artur described many details of his crimes that he had committed. His friend Pavel Skachevski denies responsibility, saying that he has never attacked anybody.

When being questioned for the first time the two young men refused to plead guilty to the murder of the businessman from Armenia. Afterwards, investigators showed them a videotape filmed by surveillance camera installed above the door of the house where the victim lived. The faces of the criminals were clearly seen on the tape. Artur Ryno started talking. He told the police about the murder of the Armenian man and then proceeded to another crime that he had committed shortly before that. As a result, the young man pleaded guilty to killing 37 people.

Artur explained his actions with hatred that he said he was nurturing towards people from southern regions of Russia, so-called Caucasians.

The teenagers committed the crimes in different parts of Moscow. They would go to dormitory suburbs at night time and simply wait for a victim. There were days when their waiting returned no results, although on other occasions they could attack two or more individuals. Artur said that there were witnesses in many of his crimes, although nobody tried to stop them.

The youth told the police how he “punished” and “cleaned the city”.

Ryno and Skachevsky were detained after the assassination of Karen Abrahamyan near his house in Kedrov street April 17. The young people plunged the businessman with a knife some 20 times and then escaped. However, they were found and detained later.

It was cleared up that since August 2006 Ryno had killed 37 people. At that 20 murders he committed with his accomplice Skachevsky. The skinhead confessed to hatred towards Caucasians, who “come to Moscow, unite and suppress Russians,” Vremya Novostey newspaper reports.

On close pages the Pan Armenian reports other violent deaths of Caucasians in Russia. Most major Russian cities have fairly high murder rates. Criminals often prefer to rob/attack Nonwhites.

Suspect Artur Ryno, 18, has claimed responsibility for 37 racially motivated murders that he said he committed to "clean up the city," Vremya Novostei reported Monday.

Ryno, a student at an icon painting school, has told investigators that he began his murder spree on Aug. 21, the same day a bomb killed 13 people at Moscow's Cherkizovsky market, the report said.

On that day, Ryno said, he and a group of skinheads provoked a fight with a group of people from Central Asia, during which he stabbed one of the migrants to death, the report said.

But a law enforcement source told that Ryno had admitted his involvement in 32 murders -- not 37 -- and that the presumed motive was robbery. The victims were robbed of money and mobile phones, the source said.

The night before Abramyan's murder, Khairullo Sadykov, 26, a street sweeper from Tajikistan, was stabbed 35 times outside an apartment building in eastern Moscow. Ryno confessed to Sadykov's murder too, the report said.

Most, if not all of Ryno's and Sadykov's victims were foreigners and were stabbed at least 20 times to delay the body identification process, it said.

[means their faces were destroyed]

Last year, 53 people were killed and 460 others were injured in apparent hate crimes, according to the Sova center.

On April 17, three unidentified young men attacked Karen Abramyan, 46, sticking knifes into him several times. Abramyan died in a hospital of wounds. The attackers had been shouting nationalist slogans, he managed to say before death.


Thanks and praise go this young patriot for defending the Motherland. Let's hope that more young men stand up for their race and nations against the brown tide.

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