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Westers cultureel clubje mishandeld door linkse terroristen

PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:38 am
by F├╝hrer

Progtard Thugs Attack "European Heritage" Group... and anyone else in the vicinity...

A bunch of Obamabot progtard thugs belonging to a group calling itself "The Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement" decided they didn't like some group called the Illinois European Heritage Group (which granted, sounds a little whack); so 18 of them burst into a restaurant and started beating the crap out of anybody they thought was a member of the IEHG group... Unfortunately, being the morons they were, the "anti-racist" psychopaths failed to grasp that other people used the restaurant too, people who had nothing to do with the group they decided to deny their right to free assembly. They knocked a little old lady down and then clubbed a guy who was there to celebrate his daughter's graduation.

It just goes to show you... There's the BS narrative of racial violence spoon fed to us by the media which always claims it's "right wing extremists" harming peaceful minorities and leftists, when, in fact, as we can see on LL everyday, the vast majority of assaults that get witnessed are minorities and left wing a-holes brutalizing whites.

FU democrats... These are your thugs... your terrorists... Can't wait until I read about the next time they try a stunt like this and get mowed down like the rabid, squealing dogs they are, the worthless vermin.

Read more at ... hYRJhgS.99