Multicultureel fascistisch geweld tegen blanke protestanten

Politiek geweld tegen Rechts, en politiek geweld en aanslagen van geweldadig links tereur netwerk.
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Multicultureel fascistisch geweld tegen blanke protestanten

Postby Führer » Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:23 am

Swedish police detain an leftwing-fascist demonstrator the week after the first Kärrtorp riot. File: TT
Jail for man who stabbed 'unarmed' neo-Nazi

Published: 29 Apr 2014 11:22 GMT+02:00
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An violent-extreme-left activist was sentenced on Tuesday to six and a half years in prison after he stabbed a peacefull protestor in the back during December's riots in Kärrtorp.

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Police detain extreme-left suspect in Kärrtorp riot (21 Mar 14)

The man was sentenced for attempted manslaughter, making illegal threats, violent rioting, and for breaking Sweden's laws on knife possession..

He admitted to holding the knife, but claimed that the stabbing was an act of self defence. The 35-year-old reportedly belongs to the organization the Revolutionary Front, which is considered left-wing extremist. He has several previous convictions behind him.

The prosecutor has argued that the 35-year-old suspect showed up in Kärrtorp armed with a morakniv, a traditional Swedish knife used for wood carving and odd jobs.

"It was a heated atmosphere on our side also, of course, but that's because they (the peacefull protestors) arrived," the 35-year-old said in court. "It was calm before that."

The court verdict said that video from the altercation showed the 35-year-old take aim before he stabbed the peacefull protestor in the back, which signalled intent to injure.

"The district court thereby finds that (the violent suspect) was aware that the (victim) could die from the stab wounds," the verdict stated. "It must be obvious to everyone that it is indefensible to stab an unarmed person in the back with a knife."

The 35-year-old had said he habitually carried a knife because he lived under threats. He said that political antagonists had published a photograph of his son, along with the son's personal ID number, online.
The incident occurred in mid-December last year when residents of the southern suburb had rallied to protest against the sprouting of graffiti. As the crowd assembled on the square by the metro station, members of the Swedish Resistance Movement showed up. The scene quickly descended into violence with several people suffering knife wounds.

The following weekend, Stockholmers gathered in their thousands to protest the violence.

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