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Christelijke website met een blank perspectief.

Be a Warrior for Christ

Sermon / outline by Mrs. Rachel Pendergraft

    A grave concern to our white Christian brothers and sisters around the world is how quickly our society is changing, and clearly for the worse.

    We now live in what is being called a Judeo-
    Christian era.

    Without basing the laws of our nation upon Biblical principles as our beloved country once did – It is now becoming completely Judiaized through the schools, the movie houses, the financial centers, our courtrooms, and our legislatures.

    As a result we are first hand witnesses to a 21st century Sodom and Gomorra – world –wide.

    As in the Days of Noah – race mixing is even promoted and flaunted in the churches – not just here in America – but worldwide.

    Abortion, rape, theft, unhappy marriages, juvenile delinquents. All the result of Humanism/the product of Judaism. Each decides right or wrong for themselves – ignoring the Holy Word.

    How then while in such a world as this, should we as Christians – with the knowledge that we are the sons and daughters of God – joint heirs – waiting in expectation of God’s government here on earth – should we react to the depravity of the world?

Should We-
    Form political parties or work in the political arena?
    Separate ourselves
    Work to educate others as to the problems
    Warn those in need of repentance
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